Reverse Cell Phone Directory – Using Verizon’s Reverse Directory

Have you ever tried to get personal information behind a cell phone number using Verizon’s reverse cell phone directory?  You might be a little disappointed to learn that those results are limited to listed landline numbers.  But these results are still available elsewhere.  You just need to find a reliable directory that caters to wireless numbers. 

There are sites now available online that can actually locate the owner information behind both mobile and unlisted numbers.  This includes name, address, map location of the address, wireless carrier, and previous owners of that particular phone number. 

The only down side is that these sites charge a small fee for the results of these searches.  Why?  The reason is because wireless carriers, like Verizon, have now begun to sell the information maintained in their databases to these sites.  So, when these sites turn around and offer this information to the public, they have to pass on the charge.  Fortunately, the charge is fairly small and within almost anyone’s means. 

The upside to the wireless carriers directly providing this data to the online reverse directories is that you can be sure that the results you’ll receive are both accurate and up to date.  The most reputable sites also offer the option to get your money back if you are not completely satisfied.  They operate available customer service departments that are responsive to questions or problems, and also offer the ability to do a free search to make sure the number you are looking for is maintained in their database. 

So, in the end, when looking for a Verizon reverse cell phone directory, it really doesn’t matter which mobile phone carrier the wireless number you are searching belongs to.  None of the carriers offer their own publicly available directory.  But, the best online  reverse cell phone directories offer information behind every major wireless carrier.  All you have to do is enter the phone number into a search bar within the website and you will be instantly notified whether that number exists in their database.  If it does, you will know where the number is located and can then make your decision whether to purchase the results. 

Find a Wireless User Using a Reverse Cell Phone Directory

There have long been free services to quickly find out caller's identities for landline numbers. But these services are becoming increasingly obsolete as more and more people turn to their cell phone as the phone they exclusively use. So, this situation has brought on the rise of reverse phone directories that let anyone find a wireless user quickly and easily.

But there is one key difference between these directories and the free directories. You cannot lookup a cell phone number without paying a small fee to the directory that went through the cost and trouble of compiling this information. Each respective wireless carrier that services a number privately owns data connected to the user.

These wireless carriers do not go through the trouble of making directories publicly available in connection with these numbers. Instead, they sell the freshest data from within their databases to the paid reverse phone directories. These directories then distribute the information to the public in the form of individual reports. So, the only issue facing a person searching a particular mobile number becomes selecting the right directory to do business with.

This is done by looking for the following characteristics in any service worth considering:

1) A directory that does not charge a fee up front and makes sure that each search is done with complete confidentiality.

2) Once a search is completed, the directory notifies the searcher of the location from which the number was issued, what details to expect in a purchased report, and the cost associated with each purchase option.

3) Notifies the user that each report is unconditionally backed by a money back guarantee.

These characteristics are all you really want to make sure you get right when taking a chance with a directory. As long as you know there is an easy way to get all of your money back, you have nothing to lose by running a report. You may read about other methods for selecting a directory, but if you get these 3 things right, your chances are very good of finding out everything you need to know about any unknown cell phone call.

Find a Wireless User - Is You Current Girlfriend Being Faithful?

Determine Whether a Phone Number is a Landline Number or Cell Phone Number

Sprint Cell Phone User

If some of the phone numbers on your girlfriend's phone are landline numbers, I'd suggest searching them with a free telephone directory. You can find them anywhere on the Internet. Or you can simply enter the number into a search engine and you will soon see a large number of directories that are capable of quickly finding the location and identity of the number you are searching.

If you find out that one or more of the numbers you want to identify are mobile numbers, the best place to these cell phone users is with another kind of phone directory. This phone directory caters to searches of cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, and other phone numbers not found in free directories.

Yes, you will have to pay a bit of money for each report, but the cost is negligible and you will find out much more personal information that you may even expect about each number you search there.

For about the same amount of money you may drop on the purchase of a compact disc, you can find out the cell phone user's name, existing address, an extensive account of past addresses, wireless carrier name, and, quite often, much more additional personal information. It's a small price to pay to lay your worries and suspicions to rest.

Even better, though, is that you if find you need to do more than a handful of these searches, most directories offer visitors the choice of paying a flat fee for a subscription to their service. This subscription offers unlimited ability to lookup a cell phone number.

Find Address By Cell Phone Number

The only downside to tracing a cell phone is that a small fee will be attached to a results report. This is simply unavoidable, for the reasons just discussed above. This information costs money. I have tried every which way from Sunday to get the same information for free, and have never had any luck.

And I know there are many sites online that offer free results of mobile phone searches. I have tried too many of them to count. In the end, they will always charge a fee for access to results. From my experience, the charges from such sites are usually much higher than the most reputable sites and the results are less than current and accurate.

I choose to work with a directory that allows me to freely and confidentially search the database prior to making a decision to purchase results or not. The costs of the results are also much less than you might expect. If you plan on doing more than a few searches, they even offer a discounted plan for the ability to conduct unlimited searches. And maybe most importantly, my results are backed by a full 60-day money back guarantee. If ever I need to find address by cell phone number, this is the site I turn to.

How To Find an Address For a Mobile Number Fast

Here's why you shouldn't bother trying to lookup a cell phone number in one of the free public directories like the White Pages or AnyWho.

o    Free directories only carry personal information in connection with telephone numbers that are considered public information.  Wireless numbers are still considered private information.  For this reason, you will not find these numbers in the free directories.

And, if you are thinking of finding this information by getting on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine, your chances of succeeding are just about the same as winning the next Powerball or Mega Millions lottery drawing.

I already mentioned that wireless numbers are considered private information.  Guess who owns this information?  Companies like T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon own and manage these numbers.  Since these numbers are still considered private, they are not legally obligated to share the information with the public.

The only way they release this data is be selling it to the reverse cell phone directories that are now the means by which anybody can find any person by simply searching their cell phone number.

The telephone companies do everything within their power to make sure the information they sell does not leak out for free.  And with all of the money and resources at their disposal, they do a very good job of making sure they accomplish this goal.

So, if you want to discover a wireless caller's current address, past addresses, and a long list of other personal information about a certain cell phone caller, you need to get on the website of one of the directories the telephone companies sell the most recent and accurate information in connection with every wireless number they service.

Identify a Cell Phone Call - Is There Any Way To Get This Information For Free?

Still looking for a free way to identify cell phone calls?

This type of information is now available in a matter of seconds.  The only matter in question is which company you wind up doing business with.   There will be a financial transaction involved if you want to get your hands on this information.  I should clarify that by saying the only valid way identify a cell phone call is to pay the rightful owners of this information.  I can't speak for unscrupulous methods. 

This information is owned by the wireless companies who distribute and service the phone numbers.  Yet even these companies do not directly sell the personal information connected to the cellular numbers they service.  Instead, each wireless carrier enters into agreements with third party brokers to distribute personal information behind mobile numbers in one central directory.

This means you do not have to know which wireless company services a particular number in order to discover the caller's name, address and other details.  The reports should contain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the person you are looking into, stalking or whatever else.  You should be able to find out past addresses that go back for decades, relative names, other phone numbers connected to the person you are searching, and so on.  Look for example reports on the websites of phone directories you visit. 

The reports just aren't free.

The third party data brokers, who operate the websites that distribute the reports, pay the wireless carriers for the ability to fill these reports with the most recent and extensive personal information.  In return, any user who wishes to download a report will need to compensate one of these directories.  

It's just a matter of purchasing the report from the most reliable vendor and at the most competitive price.  When purchasing information over the Internet, it's best to know from whom you will be purchasing and what kind of money-back guarantee there is.  For my money, it's the best way to ensure you are working with a reputable vendor who stands behind whatever is being sold.  This means a thorough read through the payment processor's  terms of service is time well spent. 

If the vendor takes payments either through PayPal or Clickbank, then you know you are working with a business that does a nice job of protecting all parties involved in the financial transaction.  Both Paypal and Clickbank offer easy-to-follow instructions on how to get your money back should your purchase not live up to expectations.

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